LuxScan™ 10K Microarray Scanner
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CapitalBio LuxScanTM 10K Microarray Scanner is a compact high performance scanner system for microarray imaging and data analysis of DNA, protein, cell and tissue arrays. It integrates many advanced designs in optical, signal processing and motion control systems and has a superior performance when compared with other competitive scanners on the market. 
LuxScanTM 10K-A has two excitation lasers (532 nm and 635 nm) that provide high detection sensitivity, accuracy, dynamic range and linearity. With its advanced and optimized signal acquisition and processing elements, it is an ideal tool for profiling microarray-based gene expression assay. 
LuxScanTM 10K-B, with a choice of either the 532 nm or 635 nm laser excitation scource, provides specific array applications at a lower cost.


Key Features 
· Proprietary confocal laser design 
· Sequential scanning, without cross-talk between the channels
· High resolution and high sensitivity
· Laser intensity and PMT are continuously adjustable
· Superior image quality, Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) exceeds other equivalent products
· Each scanner comes with three sets of CapitalBio SpotDataTM Pro 3.0 Microarray Image Analysis Software
· Easy-to-use, powerful integrated acquisition and analysis software-SpotDataTM Pro
· Free software upgrades for first 5 years 
· Compact bench-top footprint of 54cm×36cm
· Great flexibility in dye selection
· Superior performance when compared with other competitive scanners on the market


·Single/dual image analysis 
·Standard TIFF support
·GAL, LAL, GPR, LSR support
·Manipulation of grids, blocks & circles 
·Image alignment 
·Optimum circle-spot auto alignment 
·Data extraction
·Scatter plot & histogram analysis
·Optimized performance: fast, stable and easy to use

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